Our Logo

For many years, the Coast Bible Conference held its meetings at the University of Southern Mississippi in Long Beach, MS. Those in attendance often fellowshipped between sessions under and "in" a special tree on campus called the Friendship Oak. Because of the many fond memories of conversation and fellowship spent beneath it, the conference logo became a live oak tree holding a Bible.

After Hurricane Katrina (2005), the CBC never returned to the Long Beach Campus. The special meaning of the tree and the times spent there fellowshipping were relegated to memories. The tree logo was retired in 2012.

CBC Logo Pre-2005

CBC Logo 2006-2007

CBC Logo 2008

CBC Logo 2013 - Present

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In 2013, the CBC Board adopted a new logo, designed by one of our youth pastors, Tim Michael Ufferman, and CBC Board Chairman Duane Naddy. It includes graphical representations of God's open Word, a red and white nautical life preserver/rescue ring, the Biloxi Lighthouse, the Gulf Coast beach and water, and three crosses on a hill/dune of sand.

Our Theme Song

Music note in hands

God has drawn us here to study His Holy Word.
Its pages burn with truth divine, our hearts aflame are stirred.
Our fellowship is from the Father, Spirit, and Son;
To share the Scripture together, will bind our spirits as one.

At the Coast Bible Conference, to come in one accord,
At the Coast Bible Conference, to praise and worship our Lord,
At the Coast Bible Conference, we lift our banner unfurled.
To delight in His Word - hide it deep in our hearts
Then to share it with the world.

Written by: Phil White